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Top 10 quotes and life in detail of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs.We all know who was Steven Paul Jobs, we all admire him a lot, we all are very curious to know about him and we all want to learn from him and quotes are the best way to learn from the highly success people.

 So here I am going to tell you about Steve Jobs top 10 quotes which can change you and your surroundings life so let us begin. Before knowing about top 10 quotes of Steve Jobs first you should have a quick idea that who is Steve Jobs and about his life and achievements so let's get started.

Steve Jobs life:

Steve Jobs was a person with intelligence, gratitude and with so many inventions. He was born on 24th February 1955, in San Francisco, California, United States. 

He became famous because of his wonderful work which he did and it made a huge impact in our world. He founded the world's most valuable company ‘Apple’ but it was not that easy for him to do this. Let us see his struggle.

When he was a small Child, He and his family were suffering from financial crises and the problem, he was studying in a very expensive college and Steve Jobs parents were not able to afford the college fees. 

He decided to drop out from his collage and that changed his life, this was also one of the reasons of Apple success. 

Afterwards he started attending calligraphy class. Steve Jobs started to think why was he attending these calligraphy classes but this was something which became one of the reasons of Apple's success.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, he started this journey with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in a garage and achieved to a trillion dollar company. Let see his journey.

Steve Jobs worked very hard for 10 years to start the Apple computer he worked in ten years Apple grown from a garage to a 2 billion dollar company with over four thousand employees. 

But these 10 years were not that easy because when this journey was started in garage, Steve Jobs needed some investment to start but it was not easy as the company and its brand was not so big so Investors never wanted to invest in the venture. 

After some days he got an investor his name was Mike Marcula, he took interest and invested in Apple and then the rest became history. So one of the main reasons of the Apple's success was Mike Marcula. 

The journey of Steven Paul Jobs didn't last longer. After a year when Apple released one fine creation the Macintosh, Steven Paul Jobs fired from company because of some personal issues among the investors. But he was Steve Jobs he did not know about giving up and he never given up.

 He started a company called Pixar and another company Next and he said that it was one of his best times and as we all know that how big Pixar and Next are it is all because of Steven Paul Jobs. 

In 1996 once again Steve Jobs came back in Apple computer and that was the time when Apple was failing to impress and satisfy its customer's and also Apple was not in a good condition in terms of finance but once Steven Paul Jobs came back Apple got its position back. 

He was not only one of the best entrepreneur but also one of the best motivational speakers unfortunately he is no more among us.

 He died at the age of 56 in 2011 because of pancreatic cancer but still his inventions, creations, motivational quotes and the most important Apple are alive among us and we know that an artist never dies.

 Steve was not only an entrepreneur, inventor, creator, motivational speaker but he was an artist, an artist of life and success. 

Steven Paul Jobs was best, he did best he will always be the best. Thank you Steve Jobs for your contributions to the world.


Steve Jobs finished his high school after that he got admission at Reed college, which is in Portland, Oregon. 

After 6 months he opted out of college and spent next 18 months in a creative class (Calligraphy class) when he was in school, Steve Jobs recounted that how one course in calligraphy can make him fall in love with typography.

 His calligraphy played a huge part in typography of Apple computers. So the wonderful typography of Apple computers came because of the calligraphy class attended by Steven Paul Jobs.


As mentioned he was not only one of the best entrepreneur but also an inventor. He invented many stuff’s or we can say gadgets.

Steve Jobs 14 best inventions are:

1.  Apple (1980)

2.  IMac G3 (1998)

3.  USB mouse (1998)

4.  IPod (2001)

5.  Power Mac G3 (1999)

6. IMac G4 (2002)

7.  IPod GUI (2003)

8.  Glass Staircase

9.  Power Adapter (2006)

10. IPhone OS/IOS (2007)

11. Magic Mouse (2009)

12. IPod shuffle (2010)

13. IPhone 4 (2010)

14. IPod (2010)


Now comes the most important and the most interesting part that is quotes which inspire us always. 

After reading the story of Steven Paul Jobs one thing clear that Steve Jobs was not only a simple human being but He was the person with true wisdom which we can read and see in his quotes.

So let us begin with his inspirational quotes 

Don't let the other's noise; opinions drown out of your inner voice.

Steve Jobs inner voice was to create Apple no doubt he was not supported and always deceived by his life, friends, parents and people so many times but he listened his inner voice and he always remembered why he was started his journey when someone knows how to fly then sky is the limit and now the rest history.

Being the richest man in cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to the bed at night and saying we've done something wonderful that matter's to me.

We know Steve Jobs was not rich in his initial days. Earning money was not life for him. Going to bed at night and saying that we've done something wonderful today that's what matter's to him and that is the reason he never focused on money, fame and etc. 

Have the courage to follow you heart and intuition.

He did not follow something which the masses do him always walked on his own path and made his own journey that is why he was different because he always followed his heart and intuition not the people and what others used to think about him.

You cannot connect the dots looking forward you can only connect the dots looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.

This quote is relevant to his own life as he dropped out of the college after studying 6 month's in that particular college and started doing calligraphy class and this calligraphy class was one of the main reasons of Apple success.

Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life.

As we all know we are not going to live forever,  we all have a limited time we have to choose either we are going to live for our friends, kids, peoples and their opinions and etc or we are going to live for our self's choice is ours.

Stay hungry stay foolish.

We all should focus on learning not only from our school books but also from life, from our mistakes, from our learning's, from other’s. Be a learner we have to be foolish forever. Learning always make you humble, creative and more curious about life, universe and people. So always be hungry for knowledge and always be foolish so that your brain will always be opened for new ideas and knowledge.

Creativity is just connecting things.

Creativity means knowing the present remembering and searching the past and predicting the future and connects them at your present this is what a creative mind is.

Simple can be harder than complex.

If we are doing a simple work it is easy to make that particular work complex but it is very hard to make a complex thing or a complex work to simple. This is also creativity. This makes you curious about things and about your work.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

Don't thing that the money you have collected through out your life is going to help you at the end of your life. 

The respect you have earned will not be last forever. one day you will die and when you will die you cannot take these all things with you if you can think like Steven Paul Jobs then only you can live without any fear. I am not saying money doesn't matter. 

It matters but at the end it doesn't matter.

Everything else is secondary.

Your life should be you first priority don't think that you can make someone else's life better. First make your own life beautiful and adventurous. Then others will follow automatically. So first priority is your own life and your own family and then the rest.


So here we got to know about how Steven Paul Jobs conquered his all challenges. Also we saw and understood quotes of Steve Jobs in a very brief manner and I hope now you must be feeling inspired from Steve Jobs journey and inspire to do something incredible and adventurous in your life. Steve Jobs is now no longer among us but he will always be there in our heart and we still admire him a lot thank you Steven Paul Jobs for whatever you have done for us and for the world.

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