Why Apple products are so expensive | Kyu Apple k products itne expensive hote hai


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Why Apple?

We all know Apple products are very expensive but the interesting fact is after knowing also we buy it but why?Why Apple products are so expensive?Are the products are over priced?Or is it worth it?.Have some patience you will get to know every details.

What is Apple?

Apple is a multinational company with approximately $1 trillion of net worth also in 2012 it was the most valuable company in the world.The products which we know very well by Apple are Apple Watch,Apple Macbook,Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple iPad and more.

Why Apple Products Are so Expensive?

We all know that Apple products is very expensive but the best part is after knowing also we buy the products.Apple products are very expensive because we all buy there products we think that it is mark of our richness that is why Apple brand value is very high it is almost $210 Billion brand value this is the first reason.The second reason is Apple never entered in budget market and that's true all Apple products are top of the line they are one of the most expensive you will never find any Apple product under $100 and because of that Apple made an impression or in other words an image of luxury brand this was the second thing.The third thing is Apple is one of those company which invest more on there presentation, store and etc if you will see the Apple store's you will find that the stores are very big and very expensive.They invest more on there presentation,Store's,internships,campus and more.So that expense which Apple invest's on other things will come out from our pocket the price of Apple is high because Apple expense is very high.

Are Apple Products Over priced?

All the Apple products made in very low cost but as I said the expense Apple invest on other things will come out from our pocket.Apple products manufacturing cost is very low only the market cost is high but why?.Why because we are the main products of Apple.Apple knows very well that we have to make product which will attract people and when the people started buying the product than the products become a way of attracting you and you become the products of Apple.So the thing is yes Apple products are over priced because of there expense on other thing + the customers of Apple.Apple know very well that there customers are there to pay Apple expense.

Are Apple Products Are Really Better?

If we will look at the products of Apple no doubt that all the products are the best looking products.But what about the specifications?.The specifications of Apple products are really very good I can bet on it that if you will buy and Apple product you can easily use it for more than three years."Apple is the best company" to earn this statement it taken them more than 30 years so yes they deserve the respect which they are having.

Are Apple Products Are Worth It?

By looking at the price yes some of the products are worth it for example:Macbooks.Macbooks are the type of laptop which give a premium feeling as well as they have that type of performance which makes it that expensive so most of the products of Apple deserve the price that the charge from us.

Why Apple Are So Popular?

It is all because of us we made Apple more than company we made Apple a sign of richness but why that we all don't know.It can be because of the price of all the Apple products today Apple is not only a company but also a brand.A brand of rich people.


If you want more case studies than comment and if you like the article than share it as much as you can.And Apple made this impression after the struggle of so many years so what ever Apple do they deserve the pricing of the product of Apple are really worth it.Thank You.

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