How to make millions through investment


'Investment is very risky'.It is nothing but a myth.Why because we don't know the basics of investment so today I am going share a strategy which can make you a millionaire in the investment and today we are only going talk about stocks.


The biggest problem is we think that investment is all about the share price but this is not the thing.

In fact there no connection between the company and share price of that particular company.You will notice that some of the world's best companies with a very low share price and also you will some of the worst companies with a very high share price so how to decide.

Here we need to follow the strategy of Warren Buffet and the strategy is we should buy those companies who's price is less than its actual price this strategy is known as saftey of margin.

So If you can buy those company's shares who's price is less than its  actual price than you are in the saftey of margin.This was just a trailer.So let us understand the whole movie and if you want know the full investment depth strategy of Warren Buffet than click here.

Full Strategy 

Now the best strategy by which you can millions of dollars is to find company's value because if the company's value is very much and the price is less than its actual value than you can make money through investment.

All you have to do is check the future plans of the company, 5 or 10 years growth of the company, how much dept on the company, reserved cash, free cash flow and more.In short you have to find the buisness value just like you are doing that buisness.

So if you can find out these things about the company and once you are satisfied that this company can grow and the share price is less than its intrinsic value(actual value) than invest as much as you can because you know that in long term this company can make profit.

Most Important 

The strategy which I have said.This was only for those who want make money in the long term for example 5 years or 10 years and one more thing you need that is patience.without patience you cannot make millions.

Without patience you will only experience failure in the field of investment and if you want the formula that how to calculate the actual value of the share then comment.


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