How To Get Traffic Over 100k per day To You Website Through Social Media

Social Media 

Social Media platforms are very popular and they also have a huge amount of users.But the question how to get a good amount of traffic through Social Media to your website?.So let us find out.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms 

We all know two very Social Media site Facebook and Instagram but these two Social Media site will not provide you traffic for free,Both of them will charge a good amount of money.

So here we are going talk about top 5 social media platforms which can provide you a huge traffic for free.

So the first one is Pinterest,This Social Media site is the best site in terms of traffic,if you will work on your Pinterest account only for 1 month that is enough.In just month you can get atleast 10k traffic to your website through Pinterest,So in our list the first was Pinterest.

Now the second one is mix.This social media site is very easy to use All you have to do is make an account and simply paste website or article link on this Social media site and the rest mix will do.

Now the third one is Medium,this social media site is having monthly nearly 100 million unique users and here you can also create backlinks which can help to rank your website and here the articles ranking also very fast,in 2 months of use you can get at least 1k traffic per month through Medium to your website.

The fourth Social media site is Quora,this social media site is just amazing.

All you have to do is find question which is similar to your article and paste you articles or website link in question and you can get at least 500 traffic per month through Quora.

And now the last one in our list is Reddit,Reddit is a Social Media site with full of traffic,If know how identify the correct community which matches to your website you can get at least 4 to 5k traffic per month through Reddit to your website.

So these were some of the social media sites which can give unlimited traffic to your website.


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