blogging about food

blogging about food 

blogging about food is not very difficult.So blogging is getting very difficult and the competition is increasing rapidly.So let us start.

blogging is not very hard but the confusing topic is how select a profitable low competition niche.Today I am going tell you the best niche and that is blogging about food and today I am going to tell you about how to start blogging about food and how to rank fast plus how to get high amount of traffic.
How start blogging about food 
If you have budget issues then you can try Blogger which is very easy to use an there you don't have to pay anything here you will get free SSL certificate and free hosting only you have buy a top level domain like .com .in .net .org and more.

But if you have no budget issues then you can start blogging about food in wordpress as well and here you have to buy hosting, domain, SSL certificate and more but the things you will get in wordpress is more than blogger.So it totally depends upon you where do you want to start blogger or wordpress

Benefits of blogging about food 

The only benefit you would think is money so can make money in blogging about food by adsense or you can also try adsense alternatives plus you can do affiliate marketing are more.


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