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 Steve Jobs life

Steve Jobs a person with full of intelligence,gratitude and with so many inventions.He was born at 24th
February 1955, San Francisco, California, United States as we all know he founded the world's most valuable company Apple but it was not easy for him to do this let us see his struggle.

He was a very poor person and his mother and father was done his admission in a very expensive collage so because of his mother and father was not able to pay the collage so Steve Jobs dropped out from collage but after that his life changed.In his friends house he found a computer with full of codes which attracted Steve Jobs and from the life of Apple get started.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.From a garage to million dollar company let us see the journey.

When Steve Jobs started the company he needed a huge investment but no one wanted to invest in the company because it was in a garage but Steve Jobs was so confident that could make the company as big as he wanted and finally a person was ready to invest he was Steve Wozniak and after that the company growth was amazing in just 10 years Apple worth was increased from zero to 2 million dollars.But the biggest shock was the co-founder Ronald Wayne left the company because of some personal reasons and shortly Steve Jobs also thrown out from his own company and this was one more twist.But he was Steve Jobs he started his life once again he started his life as a beginner and then something magical happened.He made one of the biggest company in the world and that is  Pixar and made life worth once again and finally came back to Apple in 1996 and once again Apple got a huge success so that is what Steve jobs was.He is not only one of the best entrepreneur but also one of the best motivational speakers unfortunately he is no more with us.He was died at the age of 56 in 2011 because of pancreatic cancer but it doesn't matter to us because his inventions his speeches his Apple is still alive and we know that an artist never dies he was the best and he will be the best.Thank you Steve Jobs.


After Steve Jobs finished high school he enrolled at Reed collage which is in Portland, Oregon.But after 6 months he dropped out of collage and spent next 18 months in a creative classes at the school.Steve Jobs recounted that how one course in calligraphy can make Jobs fall in love with typography.His calligraphy classes was one of the reason of Apple success.


As I mentioned he was not one of the best entrepreneur but also an inventor he invented lot of thing's
1.  AppleIII(1980)
2.  iMac G3(1998)
3.  USB mouse(1998)
4.  iPod(2001)
5.  Power Mac G3 (1999)
6. iMac G4 (2002)
7.  iPod GUI (2003)
8.  Glass Staircase
9.  Power Adapter (2006)
10.iPhone OS/IOS (2007)
11. Magic Mouse (2009)
12. iPod shuffle (2010)
13. iPhone 4 (2010)
14. iPod (2010)


Don't let the other's noise,opinion's drown out of your inner voice.

As we know Steve Jobs inner voice was to drop out of collage no doubt so many peoples would have said him to stay in collage but he heard his inner voice and now see what life he has lived.

Being the richest man in cemetery doesn't matter to me.Going to the bed at night and saying we've done something wonderful that matter's to me.

As we know Steve Jobs was not the richest person in the world why because for him that was not life going to bed at night and saying that we've done something wonderful that matter's to him that is why he was not the richest person he was the richest inventor 

Have the courage to follow you heart and intuition.

As we all know he never done something which the masses do he always made his own path and made his own journey that is why he was different because he followed his heart and intuition not the people.

You cannot connect the dots looking forward you can only connect the dots looking backwards.So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.

This quote is relevant to his own life as we all know he dropped out of the collage after 6 months and started doing calligraphy classes  but this calligraphy classes was one of the main source of Apple success.

Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life.

As we all know we are not going to live forever there is a limited time we have to chose either we are going to live for my friends, kids and etc.Or we are going to live for our self's choice is your's.

Stay hungry stay foolish.

We have to be learner we have to be foolish so that we can able to get more knowledge it means the things you know through it in the dustbin and be a foolish and the things you don't know start taking knowledge for those things.

Creativity is just connecting things.

Creativity means knowing the present remembering and searching the past and predicting the future and connect them at your present this is what a creative mind is.

Simple can be harder than complex.

If we are doing a simple work it is easy to make that work complex but it is very hard to make a complex thing simple.This skill also creativity.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

Don't thing that the money you have collected the respect you have earned the will not be last forever one day you will die and when you will die you cannot take these all things with you if you can think like this then you can live without any fear.

Everything is secondary.

Your life should be you first priority don't think that you can make someone else's life of you can make your life others will follow you so first priority is your life and then the rest is secondary.


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